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Creating new definitions of the term creativity is never easy Learn about the new tool created by the Maxes team to facilitate the analysis of software projects

Scrum, Agile

and CMMI


So that book is an ideal tool for analyzing software projects, it was created from where it ended Global methods, we apply Scrum, Agile and CMMI Methodologies

The Content

Surely you want to save your time from time-consuming analysis interviews, as well as us, so this book is the first spark to unify goals and make a more professional tool responsible for managing analysis interviews, simply because the book contains the ideal steps to be followed by our specialist engineer When analyzing your project and after examining the book over two years to analyze 18 projects, we discovered that it saves 68% of the time wasted in those interviews

History of Agile

The historical aspect of the early innovators of agile systems and how they contributed to the development of the software industry should be demonstrated

Analysis Notebook

In addition to all the features of the book, the bulk of the pages are equipped to write and draw project analysis content in a smart and practical notebook

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