The Great Merge

Blending success stories makes world better

Maxes Effects Solutions has been a word since the company was founded in 2008. We have been passionately looking for the maximum positive impact on corporate identities, mental image and the stability of our internal operations, until 2012 where we discovered that we will not be able to work alone in attracting larger projects. We met with Paladox, which was working on developing software systems and websites. We worked together on joint ventures until 2015.These years were sufficient physical proof to feel that we can be a large entity that provides professional business development services. Yanin Maxes and Paladox, who we are today.

Crew is the key

We love to appreciate ourselves

Eslam Fouad

Founder & CEO

Mustafa Negm

Co-Founder & COO

Mohamed Adel

Project Manager

Doaa Mohamed

Backend Developer

Ahmed Mohamed

Backend Developer

Daouda Sanogo

Backend Developer

Walid Osama

Frontend Developer

Ashraf Sleim

Backend Developer

Mohamed Halim

Ui Designer

Mustafa Abdelaziz


Adel Hosney


We live, work, and make success stories in Cairo - Egypt

and we can serve you wherever your are

Building No. A5 - Ashgar Darna Compound - Next to Carrefour Ma'adi Citycentre - Cairo - Egypt.

+2 012 24 999 190

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