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For “Shoeroom” Stores

Customer's Requirements:

The first step in any project is to compile the client's requirements to understand his vision and expectations and try to overcome them and get the satisfaction that will give us a new project, in which case the client's requests were to design road signs to talk about the opening of the company's branch in Cairo Festival City Mall and the time was very pressured due to the delay of the client On road advertising approvals

Let’s make a design

The designs were


This project was a hasty non-professional and yet we made these designs in 24 hours only and despite the limited time and lack of choices has been rejected by the client these designs and asked to change them as soon as possible to catch up with the launch date on the roads

Although we are

not convinced :(

But the customer is always right

The client sent us a specific e-mail with the design color, writing and sentences, and although we were not satisfied with the final form, it was satisfactory for the client

The effort result

The only proof of all that is mentioned in this case study is to see for yourself the result of our effort

Like it ?!

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Do not hesitate immediately to cite this case study and ask for our ideas on developing your business and achieving a success story similar to that real situation

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