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For “Medica Space” Corporate

Create brand identity

MedicaSpace is a social networking program for everyone who works in the medical profession or has a direct or indirect relationship with it. Before we start analyzing and programming this network, we decided to create its visual identity first based on the concept offered by that network.

Starting with Logo


Connected Spaces


Symbol of Medical

Text is the main

Facility of Communication

Color Coding

Since MedicaSpace is a social network, this means that users may use it for continuous hours and accordingly, our choice of colors should be based on two criteria, the first is the eye comfort standard while browsing and the second is the approach of these colors to the areas served by the project



Final Logo

Best Analysis Ever

When analyzing a Medica Space software project, every question asked by the analysis engineer should be in place and in time to shorten the analysis meetings and preserve our time and our client's time, so the Maxes team used the book we created specifically for such projects.

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Customer Dreams Come True

Maxes development team decided to turn these lines into a practical design

The effort result

The only proof of all that is mentioned in this case study is to see for yourself the result of our effort

MedicaSpace Platform

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