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This app for oncologists

We love the challenges, especially the challenge that makes us study for two months a very deep and precise medical terminology on the science of oncology, and through that experience we learned about the protocols of treatment in cooperation with the doctors of vertex company and we made that project to help oncologists in the treatment of their patients

Based on

sound analysis,

we made it


In just 16 analysis meetings, Maxes analysis engineers collected the requirements for creating this application that will help the oncologist solve difficult equations to choose the appropriate treatment protocol for patients and all that ideal time thanks to our analysis book.

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Maxes team has

bad handwriting


But despite the bad lines that come out of our hands on paper, we can translate each line to the truth and in the right place to serve the project we are working on, so the reality is almost no different from planning, even if incomplete features Especially in a case like the one we eat here.

The effort result

The only proof of all that is mentioned in this case study is to see for yourself the result of our effort

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