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For “NewStar” Corporate

The story of the development of Newstar

New Star Company was working in the field of all types of air conditioning, whether central or split and that ambitious company was able to develop the level of its customers to become a full-equipped buildings and high-end brands such as Commercial Bank International Bank or Starbucks scattered branches and to make

the company's development plan requires more areas to invest confidence In order to penetrate the market of electrical construction, fire systems, safety systems and plumbing all in addition to their previous services in the field of air conditioning, the fruits of the jeans decided to pay off, but this does not suit the bad logo.

The new domain

has new requirements

In the design of the new logo, we relied on the expression of the new field while maintaining

absolute simplicity and at the same time inserting the letters of the word New Star in that logo .

and ..

We added an artistic touch

After creating the logo in the initials of the company name we should put

a technical imprint so that the differences disappear and discover the

letters when checking only in the logo and not in the first impression

This logo has

secret meanings ;)

Genius logos know of many secret meanings .. This logo has meanings reflect the

many scenarios you will like when we explain it to you or discover it alone

Engineering Axes

Horizontal projection

Arrows to center ( Focus Strategy )

also we can use it as a pattern

Coloring &

Creating a website

We studied companies competing for New Star and discovered that most of them use almost the same pallet colors between blue and gray to red and gray or orange or gray or red and black and a lot of traditional pallets and this is not a shame, but the entry of a new company in that busy area requires a striking color, and after we chose our colors Carefully, you can distinguish the identity of New Star from all the companies that submit to win a tender for a project .. You can feel the big difference in thought between them and competitors from the company profile to its website, which depends on the history of the company and its customers

New Star in same time, so we set priorities and began to show results


To complement that new identity, Maxes's team produced a video to express Newstar in her dress, new color and multiple services.

Play with YouTube

Like it ?!

Do it with Maxes ;)

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