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Experience is the secret

Miles shipping company and the owners of that project know all that the field is busy with many large and small companies, so they had a very good experience because of their work for 15 years in these large companies and their experience is this made the project that we will implement to avoid most mistakes And the problems of those companies

It's time for analysis

The experience of the owners of the Miles project made us see the field of shipping in terms of the secret back door of everything, from the desire of the client of the project to ship anything until the arrival of the package to its desired location, we were able to do a comprehensive analysis of all internal processes that make miles shipping company successful From the first moment you start, our Operations Management System manages and organizes all internal processes between the customer and the delivery representatives under the control of Miles Management.

When analyzing a software project with a system size of miles, each question asked by the analysis engineer must be in place and in time to shorten the analysis meetings and keep our time and client time, so Maxes team used the book we created specifically for such projects.

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The effort result

The only proof of all that is mentioned in this case study is to see for yourself the result of our effort

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